Hi! I'm Eliana Alba.

Product Leader

Entrepreneurial and collaborative product and design leader with expertise in steering teams to generate and grow high-impact products across enterprises and startups.

Focused on building solutions that consider a full system of stakeholders (human or not).

Other fun side projects.

Beyond product life.

We work with full people, not just product robots -for now at least. So here's a fuller picture of me outside of my work and resume:

I believe in living life with balanced intensity, which means savoring every moment, pushing myself, and going off on adventures...while being in bed by 9 pm.

Fun Facts

• I'm a certified yoga teacher
• I speak 4 languages and have lived in 3 different countries
• I have a huge family, every gathering's a party and I love it
‍• I am fiercely committed to empowering women


• Running, yoga, pilates... movement is healing and meditation for me
• Pro-level beach bumming
• Binge-reading novels
• Trying new dishes and restaurants. Food = love language
• Volunteering with the Global Shapers Community
• Exploring this beautiful planet we live in

What others say about me

Hear it directly from some of the awesome people I've had the fortune of working with

"I always feel heard and like my opinion matters -- You fostered such a great, safe environment for collaboration and feedback, and this team would not run smoothly without you!"

Raleigh Varga

Senior Content Designer, Innovation Refunds

"Eliana's expertise played a crucial role in enhancing the user experience of our projects.I was consistently impressed by her ability to navigate complex design challenges with creativity and precision. Her collaborative approach and effective communication made her an invaluable asset to our team."

Travis Freeman

Senior UX Designer, Innovation Refunds

"Eliana's secret to success is a deep fundamental understanding of one thing: getting to the why of a customer. Her designs always speak to the research (which she will ask for so be prepared) and push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. I'm excited to see her grow."

Diego Chacon

Product Manager, Saatva

build thoughtfully
and with intention, always

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